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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Montrose, CO - 2100 miles from Ocean City, Md

"Montrose is a friendly little town," says resident, Krystal Rose, "where it is common to go and hang out with friends at the supermarket, or movies. No huge malls... No huge buildings.. Just the small town stores, and a nice view of the mountains. And friendly litttle girls selling lemonade... :)"

85 miles walked in March, this date. Plan to have 100 miles before vacation starts the 24th.


Friday, March 03, 2006


Gunnison, CO - 2045 miles walked on trip

I combined my virtual walk west on Route 50 the last couple of weeks with the "furthest west walking event in the United States." The IditaWalk 2006 http://www.idita-walk.com/ A charity event to promote physical fitness in the spirit of the "IDITAROD SLID DOG RACE." To complete the Idita-walk, one has to walk a total of 1049 minutes between Feb 1, 2006 to March 18, 2006. No problem with my milage. And, all finishers (over 500 starters) receive a "stylist and cool" T-shirt.

February - walked 93 miles. Gunnison, CO, Elevation 7,683 feet. Population 1,329
Gunnison lies in the center of the Colorado mountains, at the bottom of a wide river valley, about midway between Montrose and Salida. It holds a strategic position at the base of three mountain ranges that surround the Gunnison river valley. Home to Western State College, it is a hip and outdoor-oriented town, as well as a focal point for some of the finest recreation in Colorado. Gunnison boasts that the sun shines almost every day, but due to its valley location, it gets extremely cold in the winter. In fact, Gunnison has occasionally recorded the coldest temperatures in the nation. The Black Canyon is a spectuclar landscape nearby. Check link:

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