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Saturday, June 25, 2005


Kansas Plains - 1612 miles walked

Posted by HelloKansas Plains - One hundred miles in Kansas might be a trip to the grocery store. It is not uncommon for people living in the Western part of the state to routinely drive 60 miles or more just to go to a restaurant for a meal. Out here, distance is frequently measured in time, with an hour representing about 70 or 80 miles or more. It is not all that unusual to read in a small town newspaper about an 70 year old grandma getting a ticket for driving more than 80 miles an hour; she was probably late for her quilting bee in a town 50 miles away.There are plenty of places in Kansas where you can look clear to the horizon and never see a tree nor a man-made structure. During hours of the day, you can listen and not hear any man-made sound; no airplanes, no cars, maybe a windmill creaking in the wind. Note: Between Howell and Cimarron, Kansas traveling west on Route 50.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Wright, KS - Miles 1592 walked

Past the halfway point in "walk" Posted by Hello - My journey from Ocean City, Md where Route 50 starts in the East to San Francisco is 3,200 hundred miles. So, I have also passed the half-way point of my virtual trip. I have finally solved the problem of my "Hello" function to post on this blog and hope to keep it "up and running". Planning to get some solid string of 5 miles days and researching Kansas as I "move" west.

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