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Sunday, January 28, 2007


Delta, Utah - 2,439 miles walked

Well, here I am again, back to my virtual walk - in the middle of Utah. Still on Route 50 and starting to move, at a walk, West. At a place called Delta. The Chamber of Commerce calls it the "Gateway to the Great Basin National Park. There is a lot of beautiful country around here and as I looked through the area's photo's , I came upon this picture of a gentleman tourist who said in his comments that this was "the place to stay in Delta." (Best Western) "There is a movie theatre next to the motel, so you can eat at the cafe see a movie just by walking next door." I guess after you see so many rocks, you just want to catch a flick and get some grub. How often do you see a photo, maybe like this one, and think about the person behind the camera who is just trying to make time and the moment stand still? "Wait, let me take you picture". Next time I will say, Yea, freeze me in time - make this moment last.

In my research of this town of 2,800, I found this quote, "Delta also has a large skunk population, as shown by the fact that the high school students have been know to bring one or two to choice sporting events, and shove them in opposing schools' buses. Needless to say, the number of skunks is dwindling rapidly" That's something to remember about Delta.

It good to put injuries and projects behind me and move with the contour of the land when Route 50 breaks away from the Interstate and connects small towns to small towns.

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