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Saturday, February 19, 2005


1324 miles walked - US 50

"nice organ" Posted by Hello "The heart is really a very nice organ", Richard Stein, MD, AHA spokesman says. "It doesn't know whether you you're walking barefoot on the beach or you in $4,000 Nike gear on an expenive treadmill. According to Dr. Stein brisk walking help reduce the following risk factors for heart disease: High blood pressure, Diabetes, Obesity and overweight, high triglycerides and high levels of HDL (good cholesterol). Note: You can't use cash or a credit card to buy time when old "skull and bones" comes a knockin' at your door or try to reason with a "lets talk this over", but probably you can use some "sweat equity" to keep you doorstep open for a while longer.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Le Loup, KS 1300 miles

Sign of another time Posted by Hello It is nearly 500 miles (actually 442) across Kansas, with US-50 passing throught the agricultural hertland of America, winding through dozens of small farming towns that dot the generally level landscape. (Locals definitely seem to prefer the word "level" to the equally accurate "flat.") This is the heart of the "Wheat Belt", where most of the country's grain is grown. Route 50 follows almost exactly the in the footsteps of the trappers and traders who braved the Santa Fe Trail. My virtual footsteps following by a 150 years. I can hear one of those trappers saying, "Virtual, Damn, I have heard it all now!"

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Kansas City - 1268 miles west

Kansas City, KS Posted by Hello It's right smack-dab in the middle of the country and that geographical position gives it an interesting mix of midwestern, southern, western and even a little eastern influence. You'll find cowboys and rednecks, bone-suckin' barbecue, great museums and restaurants and warm, friendly people. Route 50 is positioned along the southern section of this city. Walked 30 miles this week. 110 miles in the month of January. Good start in February.

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